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We take a long-term mind-set to everything we do when we make clothes. Our clothes should be timeless, functional and of the highest quality – so as to avoid wastefulness. A long-term mind-set creates sustainability and Woolpower always keeps sustainability in focus, both before during and after a Woolpower garment has been produced.

We manufacture warm woollen undergarments and socks from the yarn to the finished product. When you wear our clothes, you can be confident that they’ve been made with responsibility towards our surrounding nature and the work environment of the people who work for Woolpower. Our choice to keep all manufacturing in Östersund reduces the number of links to control in the supply chain. There is a strong sense of values and significant engagement amongst our employees. The seamstresses quality mark the garments they sew by stitching their own name tags inside them. This creates a sense of pride and responsibility for everybody.

Woolpower has existed in Östersund since it started in 1969. We know from our own vast experience what it takes to avoid getting cold.


This is Woolpower’s vision. This of course means that we must continue to be the best at making warm clothes. Undergarments and thicker mid-layer garments that withstand extreme weather conditions, sudden changes in weather and varied levels of activity.  But our vision also says that we have to be a responsible company, one that cares about people, animals and nature. This in itself shows that we have a long-term perspective and the word sustainability is important for us. Just like us, our clothes should last a long time, and that means we are very focused on the environment and take our responsibility seriously.

We have sewn all our garments here in Östersund ever since our factory started operations in 1972. That’s exactly how we want it to be. Having our own factory in Östersund means we can manage our impact on the environment far better. Woolpower is environmentally certified and has taken an even greater step towards sustainability during recent years.  Waste material from our production process becomes our super popular felt inner soles nowadays.  And we’ve also started to manufacture Woolpower Slipper in the same comfortable material.

You could say that warmth has a double meaning for us. We produce warm woollen products and we work to be a company that takes good care of employees, partners, animals and nature.


Brothers Daniel and Adam Brånby are the sole owners of Woolpower and our sister companies Gränsfors Bruk and Svedbro Smide. Their genuine ideology permeates all three companies. They believe that manufacturing should take place in Sweden and that the great knowledge and craftsmanship of the employees within all the companies should be respectfully upheld.

It’s Daniel and Adam, along with their father and previous owner Gabriel Bråby, who laid the groundwork for Woolpower’s strong belief that it is possible to be a manufacturing company that takes its responsibility seriously. Nothing, not humans, animals or nature, should suffer for the sake of the production of our clothes. A long-term perspective lies behind every decision we make, even if that means smaller profit margins in the short-term. Daniel and Adam don’t falter on this. Even though the cost of a seamstress in Sweden is the equivalent of 60 seamstresses in Bangladesh, for example, they go determinedly against the crowd and keeps the production in Sweden.

Everybody who works for Woolpower gets paid proper Swedish contractual wages, and the supply chain that we need to control from the wool to the ball of yarn is kept as short as possible. Then we take over in our factory here in Östersund.


Our seamstresses check and approve all the clothes they sew themselves, and then quality mark them with their name as a quality seal. We are proud of that, and you get to know exactly who has sewn your undergarments when you wear Woolpower clothes. We want to provide our customers with clothes that are made in a way that aligns with our values. Whether you use them professionally or for leisure, they should keep you warm from the inside out.


Everybody at Woolpower fulfils an equally important function in making a garment. Today we have about 100 employees and we’re growing. Do you want to get in touch with one of us, or are you curious about who has sewn your sweater? Here are the pictures of everybody who works for us.


Our brand has been through several transformations from Ullfrotté Original, through KLAR Ullfrotté, to Woolpower, our brand name since 2006. We still call the fabric we make and use in most of our Woolpower clothes Ullfrotté Original, which is widely known for its good qualities both when it comes to warmth and wear resistance. We are completely focused on manufacturing warm undergarments, socks, mid-layers and accessories. We exist in approximately 20 international markets and about 70-80 per cent of our products are exported.


Woolpower was previously called Ullfrotté. The business was founded in Östersund in 1969 as a manufacturer and supplier to The Cooperative Union and was called Vinetta at the time. The company had more than 530 employees at most, and principally manufactured nylon tights. In the beginning of the 1970’s, the fabric Ullfrotté Original was developed together with the Swedish Army. The goal was to create warm clothes that were sustainable and easy to take care of. The first Ullfrotté clothes were made in 1972.


Woolpower is owned by the family-run company Ekstigen AB. The same company owns Gränsfors Bruk and Svedbro Smide, which produce the Gränsförs axe and Tove crowbar, for example. All three companies have this very important factor in common: they retain their manufacturing in Sweden and uphold and respect their craft, knowledge, environment and tradition. Visit our colleagues at gransforsbruk.com and svedbrosmide.se to learn more about metal forging and their products.